Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pre-Race Jitters

Above is the course profile for the FlatRock 50k race this weekend. 31 miles of rugged and rocky trail. I stated my goal at the beginning of this year of finishing in less than 6 hours. That’s only 5 mph or 12 minute miles. It seems easy enough to say out loud but for some reason, with the run 4 days away, looking at this profile, and remembering when I was there in 2007 how it took me 8 hours, I’m suddenly feeling a little anxious.

Without using the blog to keep me up to date, I kept a pretty crummy training log over the summer. It was basically a post-it-note stuck to my work computer, that I somehow lost a couple weeks ago, with weekly totals written on it. The weeks that say 45-48 are the weeks I’m not really sure about. I know I did at least that many miles because I never went below that each week, but I know several weeks were actually higher. It doesn’t really matter.

Week of June 27 - Run 45, Bike 48

Week of July 4 - Run 45, Bike 48
Week of July 11 - Run 45, Bike 48
Week of July 18 - Run 45, Bike 78
Week of July 25 - Run 45, Bike 78

Week of August 1 - Run 49, Bike 112 (Tour de Cox ride)
Week of August 8 - Run 47, Bike 48
Week of August 15 - Run 55, Bike 48
Week of August 22 - Run 49, Bike 48
Week of August 29 - Run 67, Bike 48

Week of September 5 - Run 45, Bike 64
Week of September 12 - Run 18, Bike 80


  1. Doesn't look like there is any reason for jitters!! Wow I wish I had an ounce of you self motivation, it's amazing.