Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hornet's Nest

I guess if you check in often, you are going to have to settle for some sporadic breaks. There are times when I feel like writing and others when I don’t want anything to do with it. The last month has been one where I wanted nothing to do with it. I have some drafts of things I need to get back to but have just been finding other things to do. Below is one of those things. Jake and I made a video yesterday.

Week of May 23 – Bike 102, Run 35, D 6, U 3
Week of May 30 – Bike 80, Run 28, D 8, U 4
Week of June 6 – Bike 64, Run 39, D 8, U 4
Week of June 13 – Bike 64, Run 38, D 8, U 2
Week of June 20 – Bike 32, Run 31, D 6

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