Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Rubber that will Meet the Long Road

The package arrived yesterday! I know I’m supposed to shop local, and sometimes I do, but I'm also a tightwad and this was one of those purchases that would have easily been at least $20 more to find here. One thing I really enjoy about purchasing things online is being able to track the package as it makes its way across the country. I watched as it slowly made its way from Colorado to Missouri stopping at numerous cities inbetween.

I put more thought into this selection than I ever have. I compared the weights, tread patterns, customer reviews, pricing and threads per inch of too many to count. I devoured blogs and forum posts of other riders who have completed the race before. As with anything, I found people who loved one brand and hated another. The next day I would read someone who felt the exact opposite. After months of deliberation, I finally confirmed the order and will now let the chips fall where they may. As I pulled the brand new tires out of the box I stared at them and contemplated the rugged 200 mile test I would be putting them to in a little over 3 weeks. This is the rubber that will meet the long road ahead.

It is also that time again. The time where I look back over the year and total all the miles I have pushed myself down the road.

5973 miles on the bike
1095 miles on the run

I don't have as much to say this year about my annual mileage as I did last year. There was a not so surprising shift towards riding distance. My running mileage took a big hit due to the amount of time on the bike in the last 6 months getting ready for the race next month. I still don't clock the exact amount of time I spend out there, but if I use a conservative average speed and break it down, it comes down to about 500 hours of cardio. Not a bad year indeed.

April 22 - Bike 270, Run 0

April 29 - Bike 275, Run 2