Monday, July 19, 2010

The last week I have been limping about telling myself it’s just a bruise. There are some injuries that are just bad enough to nag. They may be the worst kind because they don’t force you to rest. They allow you to live on in denial and just keep pushing through pain repeating to yourself that it will be better soon. I’m starting to lose hope for a fast recovery. It’s nothing too terrible. The closest I can pin it down to is the joint in the big toe on my left foot. The pain radiates through the ball and toe whenever I walk or try to bend my toe. Again, it’s not severe. It just has that dull ache and stiffness. I thought it would be gone in a matter of days but as I approach a full week it seems worse today than it has all week. I skipped a scheduled long run this week because of the soreness but it appears a more focused rest may be in order.

The shame is in the way that it happened. It wasn’t an accident on my bike with another vehicle. It didn’t happen on a late night trail run. I wasn’t doing anything even remotely active or interesting! I was in the shower, attempting to wash my foot, when I slipped and jammed my toe into the floor of the tub. I will begin an icing regimen tonight and try to recoup it fast. Hopefully, it will be gone quickly!

Week of July 5th - 52 bike, 36 on foot
Week of July 12th - 32 bike, 36 on foot

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