Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finally a solid week of running. 57 miles on foot and 48 on the bike.

One of the biggest obstacles I come to in training is how to manage the time. For a slower runner like myself, it took about 11 hours of running to cover the distance I did this week. I have never been able to find this amount of time on a regular basis before. For some reason, I have always enjoyed running after work in the afternoon the best. The problem with this is I feel selfish taking off for 2 or 3 hour runs during what is often the only quality time I could be spending with Jake and Sara. I could get up at 3 or 4 and get the miles in. That always sounds like a good plan the night before, however when the alarm goes off, it becomes a much larger hurdle.

Running to work has allowed me a compromise. I have found I can leave the house at 6 am and get 10 miles in before work. I can then run 8 miles home and be there before 6:30. 18 miles for the day and I didn't have to do it all in the predawn hours or spend the whole evening running when I feel like I should be hanging with the family. 2 days of this and a longer run on Saturday or Sunday and I'm at close to 60 miles! I intend to add another day of running to work before to long. Another benefit of this program is the second run of the day is on tired legs which is excellent training for the 100 miler.

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  1. Great work Jim. I think many of us struggle with when to train and not miss time with family. Tough balance with any age family.