Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Short Rambling Post Where I Try to Ease Back Into Writing Again

I haven’t written in so long it feels unfamiliar. A lot has happened in the last several months that was probably worthy of writing down but I just couldn't bring myself to sit still long enough to do it. Things happen where I stop and think, “Hey that would make a great post,” but that is as close to blogging as I have been for the last 4 months. Below are some of the things I could have written about but didn't.

There was the building of the chicken coop. I'm an aspiring carpenter though I really have no idea what I'm doing:

There was the night I volunteered to stand in a gallery almost naked and be painted gold for the sake of art. I embrace all challenges, both physical and emotional, this was an emotional one:

There were several broken bones for Jake, I think 5 or 6 in the last year. If you have an accident prone child, supplemental accident insurance policies are worth every penny:

While the urge to write has not been there, the urge to stay active physically has not waned. I have been dutifully pushing myself on the bike getting ready for the race which is only 5 weeks away. Since signing up in January only 4 months ago, I have put in over 2,500 miles on the bike. This is just shy of my total riding mileage for the entire year last year. I feel strong and well prepared but it will be my first bike race ever so I’m curious how things will shake out.

My running has been a minuscule amount and it’s starting to bother me. I have tried to do at least a short run every week so I don’t completely lose my form but if I run too much it seems to interfere with my strength on the bike. Soon enough the pendulum will swing back as my commitment to this bike race is almost over and I will be pounding miles out on foot again. I have enjoyed the time on the bike this year but I still feel most like a runner at heart.

January 23 - Bike 155 Run 10
January 30 - Bike 152, Run 10, 1 hr trainer

February 6 - Bike 121, Run 3, 4 hrs trainer
February 13 - Bike 127, Run 18, 1 hrs trainer
February 20- Bike 165, Run 16
February 27- Bike 115, Run 16

March 5 - Bike 125, Run 5, 1 hr trainer
March 12 - Bike 140, Run 7, 1 hr trainer
March 19 - Bike 145, Run 2, 1.5 hrs trainer
March 26- Bike 232, Run 3, 1.5 hrs trainer

April 1 - Bike 208 Run 7, 1.5 hrs trainer
April 8 - Bike 230 Run 4, 1.0 hrs trainer
April 15 - Bike 180 Run 0, 0 hrs trainer

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