Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flooded Roads

Hard to tell from the picture (too much moisture in the air for my cheap phone camera), but this was a river across one of the roads on my commute and it looked pretty menacing. As I approached it, there were two vehicles backing up to turn around and find another way. I rode past them and through the puddle. I'm not above walking through a pond if it turned out too deep to ride through. Once the vehicles who were about to go around saw that it was less than a foot deep they followed me through it. There were a couple low spots this morning that were similarly flooded. This particular stretch of road seems to really collect the worst of the road conditions in storms. Below is a picture I took after the blizzard this past winter of a truck that lost it on the ice and slid into the ditch. When the road was covered with snow and ice, as with today's flooding, the bike was undeterred and handled the road conditions well. I did once get a flat on this section. I guess it's like the Bermuda Triangle of my ride.

5 mile run in the new Minimus shoes after I got home last night. It was pouring big fat drops for the entire run. I wore the shoes without socks, as they are designed to be used, and they were amazing! My feet were completely soaked from a 6 inch deep river across the road within 2 minutes of leaving the house and remained drenched until I stopped an hour later. It was the most comfortable my feet have ever been running in the rain. I hope that comfort maintains as the shoes start to wear. Toe box, heel lift and sole shape are all well designed. I find them to essentially be like a Five Finger that has the toes joined. This may end up being my favorite shoe yet.

I had ran up to the gymnastics gym to watch Jakob at practice. When I got there one of the other dads was picking up his son. He is an ER doctor and is always curious about my running. Specifically, he likes to discuss how my body responds internally to different challenges. He is a great resource. He was concerned that I wasn't wearing enough clothing for the conditions. It was 55 and raining hard. He always has a story for me about someone admitted to the ER for whatever condition we are discussing. I do appreciate the stories as I realize there is a certain amount of danger in bad weather that needs to be pondered. I was wearing a long sleeve polyester shirt and running shorts. I felt perfectly warm while I was on the move. When you get cold, just run faster and you will warm up. I do have passing thoughts like, "what if I broke my ankle and had to lay out here for an hour?" Though, I think I could probably hop a few miles if it really came to that.

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