Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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And now I begin my last full month of real training for my run. Getting as much mileage and time on my feet as I can handle without injuring myself will be the main focus. To give you an idea of my intent, last weekend I did a 20 miler on Friday and followed it up with a 10 miler on Saturday. I plan to do back to back long runs for the next several weekends.

Disclaimer: You may find the rest of this post extremely boring if you are not deeply interested in running! Click the links under the pictures to take you to the references mentioned.

You might wonder where I got the information that I use to train myself for such a run. There is actually quite a bit out there regarding running ultras. If you have the internet and the desire to search for it, there is a ton. I thought I might lay out how I came to know about ultras and what I used to develop my plan to run one. My study of the subject began with a magazine article.

I had just been convinced to end my 10 year break from regular working out and run a 5K with a friend who had been pestering me to run with him. It restored my love of running and inspired me to take up running for exercise again. Shortly after this run I picked up an Outside Magazine that we had laying around. Sara had caved to a door to door salesman who gave us a great deal on a subscription. It had an article about Dean Karnazes.

Outside Magazine Interview

There is some controversy within the ultrarunning community about Dean’s marketing of himself but in my mind, Dean has raised a ton of money for different charities and written a couple of books that have inspired many people to get active. I am one of those people. Through reading that article and subsequently his book, Ultramarathon Man Confessions of an All Night Runner, I was set on the path I am on today.

Ultramarathon Man Confessions of an All Night Runner

After reading his stories I was inspired to find out more about the people who run such distances. That is when I found, Running Through the Wall. It is a compilation of stories from runners about the running of ultra distances. Some are famous and competitive and others are more like me, back of the pack and just trying to see how far they can go.

Running Through the Wall

This led me to Ultrarunning Magazine. There is a magazine for every niche of life! This is where I began to learn the finer details that you need to know to run far. Nutrition during exercise, training tips and of course, inspirational stories about long runs.

Ultrarunning Magazine

Another book that I always have handy is A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning. This book can answer most of the questions a person would have. Chapters on nutrition, training, mental aspects, injuries, clothing, anything you can think of.

A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning

One of the books that I often recommend for anyone suffering from an injury or really any aches and pains when running is Chi-Running. You think you know how to physically run. Like anything however, there is an optimal technique that makes running easier. This book teaches you a more efficient way to run. I use the principles it teaches and review it every time I suffer any pains from running.


I get most of my nutritional information from Hammer. Their research seems sound and their products work very well for me. I sampled many sports drinks and supplements before settling in on Hammer.

Hammer Nutrition Products

For inspiration in times of low motivation I have purchased the following movies:

Running on the Sun

A documentary about the Badwater 135. Badwater is a grueling 135 mile race beginning in Death Valley and ascending to 8000 feet by the race's end. Temperatures reach 125 degrees in the middle of the day.

The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton

The Runner follows David Horton as he runs 40 miles per day for 66 consecutive days in an attempt to set the speed record on the 2,700 mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.

Finally, one of my favorites is Indulgence.

Indulgence 1,000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky

Indulgence follows Anton Krupicka training in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California during the summer of 2007. Anton is known for running over 200 miles per week in the mountains to prepare for a race. He also has won just about all of the races he has entered.

So now you know the things that inspired, and continue to inspire, me to run. I also now have a handy page to send people to when they have questions about running!

Week of August 30 – 64 Bike, 38 Run

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  1. Hey man, did you get a chance to measure the elevation change on your loop? I have a Garmin that tracks elevation and I'd love to ride that loop with you. I have the MS-150 this weekend and after that I want to do some trail running to see how possible it would be for me to do a lap or two with you. My passion has always been trail riding though, so if there's an opportunity and you still have a need, I'd like to go out there and ride it with you for mapping purposes.