Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally took the bike down to Busiek to do an official measurement of the loop I am intending to use for the big run. I had always estimated this loop to be about 7 miles. Much to my chagrin, it is actually only 6.07 miles. Not that this changes things a whole lot. It really only means I have to do a couple more loops than I thought. It also means I'm a touch slower than I thought I was. It will now take 16.4 loops. Now I just need a way to measure the elevation change in a loop.

Saturday we heard that the Westboro Baptist Church, famous for their "God Hates Fags" message, was going to be protesting at the Adam Lambert concert. Lambert was an American Idol singer who is openly gay. On Facebook, we saw numerous posts about a counter protest and thought between the 2 groups it would be some very interesting people watching. We grabbed the camera and headed down to see it all.

Here is a link to a video regarding the Westboro church bringing their message of hate to the funeral of a fallen Marine. Regardless of how you feel about war or homosexuality, I just don't feel this is how God would have his people interact with the world.

Unfortunately, or I guess you could say fortunately, the Westboro people never showed up. There were a 100 or so counter protesters that did so we still got to see an entertaining collection of people. Some were obviously passionate about countering the Westboro message, others were there just to be a part of it all.

There are, of course, many ways that people interpret the Bible. My own personal take on the subject could be summed up by one little girl we saw:

Week of August 1 - Bike 52, Run 47

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