Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It was a slow week training wise. I think the adventure race last weekend took a larger toll on me than I originally thought. I only ran a whopping 21 miles this week. I had 64 miles on the bike. I think I had the energy for more but I passed several opportunities to run. The excuses flowed easily and they sounded pretty convincing at the time. I try to chalk such weeks up as my body calling for rest but they also come with some guilt. Especially now as the race creeps closer. There are only 5 months left. When I take out a few weeks for taper its actually closer to 4 months of training time. This week, I will cover much more ground!

The highlight of the week for me was a trip to the river. We go quite often in the summer and it is always a refreshing experience. For the last couple of years our favorite float has been on the James River from Hootentown just south of Nixa. The best part is that we can be on the bank of the river within 30 minutes. We can leave the house around noon, float 7 miles and be home by 5 o'clock!

Another point of excitement for this particular float was that it was the first time we let Jakob have the kayak by himself. We have had him in the boats since he was barely 2. He hasn't ever had a fear of water. When he was 4 he was jumping off rocks by himself. I can't remember exactly when he started learning to paddle and read the river but he has had several seasons of watching and helping in preparation for this day.

We knew he would take to it quickly and never want to ride with me again. When it actually came time to take control of the boat on his own with nobody but himself to rely on he seemed a bit nervous. While I had no doubt he was ready and would do well, we were still nervous as he approached his first swift corner. Before we were to it we had talked about where he needed to be in the current and how to keep himself aligned properly. In the end, as with all things physical, he had no trouble whatsoever. I would quiz him at each section. Where should you be? Which side would be best? Where is the current going to push you? He knew all the answers.

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