Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I finally got to run to work for the first time. I did it the day after completing my commitment to ride for the year. I have to say, it was an outstanding way to start a day. The roads were all but empty at 6:00 am which is something I’m not familiar with. It is amazing what a difference an hour makes when it comes to traffic. I got to enjoy the sunrise as it was just hitting the horizon as I stepped off. I covered the 8 miles from home to work in 1:20.

My only major mistake in planning was forgetting to bring food to hold me over until lunch. With the bike, I can carry a buffet of good stuff to eat throughout the day.

Because of my mistake, the morning was spent in much discomfort waiting for a chance to get some nourishment. 11:00 was as long as I could wait before jogging down the street for some Korea House. Other than that, I didn’t find it to be all that big of a challenge. Having 9 hours to sit in a chair and rest before the trek home helped quite a bit. I will stick with one day per week for a few weeks and then in June, I plan to start running to work on 2 days.

Had my first flat tire in a long while on May 10. I carry all the supplies I need to fix them and it only takes about 10 minutes so it isn’t that big of a deal. The only thing that made this one fun was the fact that it was raining and only 45 degrees. It was a perfect way to start a Monday morning. I don’t generally subscribe to Murphy’s Law, but a true believer would swear he had a hand in that timing. The real reason was probably the fact that I am too cheap to buy new tires before its time and I had pushed the life of that particular set beyond safe so it was bound to occur sooner or later. Fresh new tires are now installed.

MSU is in its final week for the year. The exciting thing about this for me is the fact that the campus will soon be a ghost town. Some of my more harrowing experiences with traffic happen within its vicinity. The other place I often have issues is near Glendale High School with its many teenage drivers in a very surprising hurry to reach school. Unfortunately, they won’t be out for a few more weeks. Come June, the amount of vehicles on the road seems to drop in half if not more.

Week of May 3, 43 miles on foot, 65 on the bike.

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