Monday, April 5, 2010

Time For a Rest Week

So I ran to my work for the first time this week. Do not fear, I did not break my riding streak to do it. I did it on Saturday! I needed a long run for the weekend. Call me a wimp but the idea of another rainy, muddy day at Busiek just wasn't appealing to me when I got up that morning so I thought I would see what the run to work would be like. I finished out a loop by running over to Springfield Gymnastics to watch Jake practice for a bit and then continued on home. It gave me a Saturday morning total of 17 miles.

The long runs are now approaching the distance that I will have to get serious about nutrition while I'm running. During this run I ate a banana and drank about 40 ounces of Gatorade over the 3 hours. I ended up losing 4 pounds. Not a big deal for a sweaty morning run but if I want to run all night, I must keep the weight loss to an absolute minimum.

This was the longest run I have done in the Five Fingers to date. Unfortunately, even with running on the grass as much as possible, there was a lot more pavement in that route than I like to run on. There is such a huge difference in the way my feet feel after a road run or a trail run. I was definitely feeling the effects as my feet were exceptionally tender and sore for the rest of the weekend.

So you aren't supposed to keep adding mileage week after week. Every third week or so you should take an easy week. Reduce the volume a bit and let your body recuperate. I haven't taken a reduction since starting so this week would be a good one to take a break. I'm not sure how much time I will get to devote to running this week anyhow as the family has other big plans.

Last week at the Missouri State Gymnastics meet, despite a very scary fall on the parallel bars (video if your interested), Jakob took third all around and earned a place competing at Regionals in New Orleans! Someday, when I have the proper amount of time to write a long post about the subject, I might try to relay just how proud I am of his ability in that arena. He attacks the sport with a drive and determination that is breathtaking.

80 miles on the bike and 34 on the run.

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