Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Full Week on the Bike

Struggling for information to post this week. Nothing of merit in the training. This was the first week that seemed back to normal after the down time. From this I have learned that 1 week off takes me 3 weeks to recover. I do believe time of rest is beneficial but this would be a good situation to remember the next time I am faced with a chance for a break. If I want to build myself to a high enough level of fitness before November, I don't have many 3-4 week periods to burn and not make gains.

I have one week of bike to work everyday for year left. 2 days this week and 3 next. I'm really looking forward to running to work on May 6. Not only will it be a great way to get some distance on my feet midweek, the change and new challenge will do me some good. For the last month inconsiderate drivers have really been testing my patience.

Winds are forecast to be 25 gusting 30 tomorrow from the SE. This means an extremely easy ride to work and an exceptionally difficult ride on the way home. Should be a sweaty good time!

80 on the bike and 27 on foot. This week we should hit mid 30's on foot again.

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