Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keeping Your Word

May 5 is rapidly approaching. That will be the end of ride my bike to work everyday for a year. I have ridden every single day. Tornado sirens, snow, ice, rain and wind. There are still about 5 or 6 weeks left but its downhill from here. I could still find a challenge in the way of a thunderstorm or tornado but I am quite positive I will complete the task.

In no way do I miss driving to work and I do not plan on doing so, even May 6th, just because I could. There is one thing that I want to do besides ride. I would like to incorporate running to work one day a week. It would be a significant workout. The run would be 16 miles round trip. Even going very slow and easy, I think I could finish the 8 miles one way from my door to my desk in less than 2 hours.

So my problem today is that I don’t want to wait until after the year of riding is up to do this. I think within another week or two I will be up for this physically. Am I bound by my promise to ride everyday or does it really even matter? Truthfully, the only person whose opinion I would care about in the matter is Jakob. Keeping your word, without regard for the challenges in doing so, is a major life lesson I have tried to instill in him.

What do you think?

I was looking for a picture of Jakob to attach and found this old one. I believe he is 8 here.


  1. Of course the running to work is even *more* physically demanding than the biking, but the OCD part of me wants you to not mar the purity of the "I biked every single day for a year" thing.

    I guess you could still say: "I did not drive to work for a year."

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  3. Sir, you have come too far to let go of the integrity of what you have done - and what you set out to do. You are ready to run, it is your new and next plan... but ahm thinkin you like a challenge, and for me, at least, the challenge is often finishing what I know I can finish- more so than starting what I fear I cannot.. also, you frikin rock. Your son will not lose heart because you do not finish, but I would wager that both he and you will walk away with something wonderful if you just shine it on a little while longer...

  4. Wow Jim...I didn't know you were doing this. I'm quite impressed....for what that's worth.

  5. Everyone is right! Finishing is sometimes harder than starting. I will finish up the year and run to work on May 6. Thanks for the help!